Musical Instruments & Gear Pro Audio Equipment Preamps & Channel Strips
AML 5003D Mic Preamp
Miktek MPA-201 (2-ch Mic Preamp)
Millennia HV3-D8 Channel Microphone Preamp HV3D8 Mic Pre FREE SHIPPING, NEW
Focusrite OctoPre MkII_ 8-channel Mic PreAmp Mk2_24-bit/96kHz ADAT Output
JDK Audio 8MX2 8-Channel Rackmount Microphone Preamp and 8x2x8 Mixer
Boosted by 'Everyman' Recording Boom, Pro Audio and Recording Gear Sales Climb the Charts
June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Gear that allows musicians to take their music to the masses is fueling ... five years ago are now venturing into the pro audio world." In the last five years, sales of pro audio equipment have increased by nearly 23 percent.
Deals On High-End Audio Gear
GC Pro offers expert consultation and a comprehensive selection of the world's finest equipment for music and audio professionals. Guitar Center is the leading United States retailer of guitars, amplifiers, percussion instruments, keyboards and pro-audio ...
Jakarta Audio Pro Expo 2013
Exhibitor: 300 exhibiting companies from 20 Countries. Music Instrument, Sound Pro Audio, Audio Visual Equipment, Lighting System, Broadcasting Equipment, Computer Professional Audio. Incorporating: Music Instrument, Sound Pro Audio, Audio Visual ...
Red 4Pre
Heritage Audio DMA-73 Dual Microphone Amplifier
Solid State Logic X-Rack 8-Slot Modular Chassis + 2x E Series EQ Module
Aphex Model 1100 Tube Mic Preamp & A/D Converter - Immaculate!
BAE Audio 312A Module
Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre 8-Channel Mic Preamp DEMO
Electric & Co The Stereo 6 Tube Mic Preamp DI Ampex 600 601 E&C Vintage SALE
Universal Audio LA-610 MKII UA 610 Preamp LA2 Style Compressor Mint
API The-Channel Strip
Radial USB Pro Stereo USB DI for Laptops USBPro USB-Pro in box!
PreSonus BlueTube DP v2 mic/instrument preamp
AEA Microphones TRP2 Two-Channel Ribbon Preamp
Daking Mic-Pre IV LN
BAE Audio 1073 DMP Desktop Mic Pre | Pro Audio LA
Dizengoff Audio D4 Microphone Preamp
RME OctaMic II 8-Channel Mic Preamp New JRR Shop
PreSonus Digimax LT 8-Channel Mic Pre
Midas Microphone Preamplifier 501, Ultra High Performance Mic Preamp
Millennia TD-1 (2 Units)
SPL Gold Mike Mk 2 AD w/ Digital Output
BAE Audio 1073 Mic Pre / EQ | Stereo Pair with Power Supply | Pro Audio LA
JDK Audio R20 Two Channel Solid State Microphone Preamplifier
5 Racked Vintage Langevin AM16 mic preamps
Crimson Audio Mogaine Stereo
Vintage Neve 1272 Preamp Pair racked by Brent Averill
API 512v Discrete Microphone / Line Preamp with Variable Output
ART Pro MPAII Two Channel Mic Preamp
Audient ASP008 8 channel microphone preamp with a/d card
SPL Transient Designer 4
BAE UK Sound 1173 Preamp and Compressor
Chameleon Labs 7603 Mic/Line/DI Preamplifier Mic Pre
JDK Audio Microphone Pre-Amplifier Model MP-R20 Clean & Hardly Used
Manley MicMAID 4x4 Mic/Micpre Matrix-Switcher New
DBX 580 500-Series Mic Pre
ART 257 2 Channel Microphone Instrument Preamp System
6 Channel Unbalanced Stereo or Balanced Mono Audio Input Selector Relay Module
Tube-Tech MP1A Dual Microphone Preamp #01801
New Burl Audio B1 Mic Microphone Preamp Pre Amplifier 500 Series Module Hardware
dbx 580 Microphone/Instrument Solid State Single Channel Mic Preamp VU Meter OB
API 3124+ 4-Channel Mic and Instrument Preamp
TK Audio BC1-S Stereo Bus Compressor
Synergy Metropoulus Metro Plex 2-channel Preamp Module (3-pack) Value Bundle
Cadac 8 Channel Input x 4 Output Mic Pre / Eq 8x4 ā€œJā€ Submixer ā€¢ Lundahl Neve
Vintage Neotek Series I-E input module Preamp / EQ Channel Strip
Radial JDV-PRE Instrument Preamp
Lachapell Audio 992eg 2-Channel Tube Mic Preamp
Schertler Pre-A III
Warm Audio WA73-EQ Single-Channel Microphone Preamplifier and Equalizer
Mercury AM16D
Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 Mk2, 19-inch Rackmount Dual Mono Mic Pre, DI & EQ
PreSonus TubePre v2 Tube Preamplifier / DI Box
Avalon VT-737SP Class A Mic Preamplifier MICROPHONE PREAMP (Black/Red)
Great River Electronics MP500NV
Warm Audio WA-412 - Classic 4-Channel Mic Pre
API 512c Discrete Microphone Preamp 500 Series With Avedis 1122 Opamp Upgrade
Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro-8 A/D/A Converter w/Cable
Grace Design M802 Eight Channel Mic Preamp M-802 Pre
IGS Audio Springtime 4 Channel Spring Reverb w/3 Band EQ - New w/warranty!
Heritage Audio DMA-73 Dual Microphone Amplifier 190839351562 Open Box
RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Pre Preamplifier NEW Sealed Microphone Dealer
ADL Opus 3 Limiter
Grace Design M201 2 Channel Mic Preamp with A/D Option | Pro Audio LA
Warm Audio WA273 2-Channel British Mic Pre 190839476067 Open Box
Lindell Audio 6X-500
Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip
Universal Audio 2-610 Microphone Preamplifier (Silverface)
Universal Audio 6176 Mic Pre Compressor Single-Channel
Audient ASP 008 - 8 Channel Mic Pre with ADAT - Excellent Condition!
TL Audio Dual Valve Equalizer EQ-1
Avalon VT 737sp Tube Microphone Mic Pre Compressor EQ Channel Strip #32994
BRAND NEW Sebatron VMP-2000eVU Class A 2-Channel Valve Mic Preamp and DI + EQ
Synergy 800 2-channel Preamp Module (3-pack) Value Bundle
Black Lion Audio #B12A MKII Single-Channel Mic Preamp BARELY USED!
Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4M MKII
Presonus StudioChannel Studio Channel Recording Vacuum Tube Mic Preamp Strip
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5012-V Mic Pre #1200447
Warm Audio WA12-500 MKII Discrerte Mic Pre w/DI
Neumann V476B Mic Preamps Racked Pair with Internal Mains and 48V Phantom Power
Millennia HV-3D 8-Channel
RedNet MP8R 8-Channel Remote-Controlled Mic Preamp
Nady PRA-8 8 Channel Rack-Mountable Microphone Preamp
Emm Labs DAC2X V2
D.W. Fearn Passive Direct Box | Single Channel DI | Pro Audio LA
Retro Instruments Powerstrip Tube Recording Channel
ART ProMPA II - 2-Channel Tube Mic Preamp
Warm Audio WA273 2 Channel British Mic Pre
SPL Gold Mike Mk2 | Dual Channel Mic Pre | Pro Audio LA
Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 8 Channel Remote Mic Pre
Warm Audio TB12 ToneBeast Tone Beast Mic Microphone Preamp Pre
New Burl Audio B1D Mic Preamp Microphone Pre Amp 500 Series Module Hardware
(1) DBX 580 500-Series Mic Pre
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