Musical Instruments & Gear Pro Audio Equipment Preamps & Channel Strips
Radio Design Labs STM-1 Mic Preamp with Power Supply
A-Designs Audio P1 500 Series Preamp #2
TL Audio 2 Fat FatMan valve pre amp & compressor pro audio
Manley ELOP + Stereo Limiter Compressor /2 Ch XLR in/out amp /in box //ARMENS//
Trident TSM EQ Equalizer CB 9132 module 80b 70b 80
Apogee AD1000 Mic Preamp A D Converter Compressor CD Mastering S/PIDF Video Sync
Five Best Audio Editing Applications
This week, we're going to look at five of the best audio editing applications ... works seamlessly with studio equipment, and has its own music composition tools and instruments built-in. You can read more of Pro Tools' features here.
Q&A: Jack Joseph Puig, Grammy-winning Music Engineer, Producer
Puig recently chatted with CE Pro about handling artists, recording their music and the collaborative effort between Waves Audio ... How much of their own gear (amps, guitars, drums) do artists bring into the studio and how much equipment do you have ...
GC Pro Works with Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada to Help Make Dreams Come True for Aspiring Young DJs
keyboards and pro-audio and recording equipment. Our retail store subsidiary operates 261 Guitar Center stores across the United States. In addition, our Music & Arts division operates 101 retail stores specializing in band and orchestra instruments for ...
Sweetwater Gears up for GearFest
Fort Wayne, IN, — Sweetwater, the third largest retailer of music instruments and pro-audio in the U.S. will ... music technology, and audio equipment will be on hand to give musicians a look at the latest gear. Other attractions will include hourly ...
Westlake Pro Hosts Mixing Master Class With Andrew Scheps
Los Angeles, CA (August 7, 2014) – Westlake Pro, a leading retailer of professional audio, video, broadcast equipment, recording, and live sound equipment, technical services and musical instruments, recently hosted a Mixing Master Class with legendary ...
Vintage Ampex 600 601 Tube Mic Preamp ~ Great performace ~ # 02-0211-02
M-Audio Audio Buddy Dual Mic Preamp Direct Box
Black Lion Auteur Dual Preamp
Avalon 737sp Mic Pre Mint Condition!!!
New Radial Engineering Reamp JCR Studio Reamper
Daking Mic Pre One
TECH 21 GED-2112 Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp Rackmount Bass Preamp
Whirlwind IMPAD20 - In-Line XLR Barrel Transformer with 20 dB Pad
Neotek Series 1-E Preamp EQ Channel Strip Mic Pre
Presonus Digimax D8 8-Channel Mic Pre 
Presonus TubePre preamplifier with 16vac power supply
ROLLS VP29 Phono Preamp with AC Adapter
Langevin 5116b Vintage Microphone Mic Preamps - PAIR w/ Custom rack
BRS550A - 550A style EQ for Seventh Circle Audio SCA for CH02 Chassis ONLY
PreSonus BlueTube DP V2 Mic / Instrument Tube Preamp
Aphex Model 188 8Channel remote controlled mic pre WW
Buzz Audio Elixir 500 Series Mic Preamp 2015, Mint Condition
API 512c 500-Series Discrete Microphone Preamp
ART Pro MPA II. 2 Channel Tube Microphone Preamp with Variable Impedance
dbx 576 Vacuum Tube Preamp / Compressor Channel Strip! AWESOME!
Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressor/Limiter - Stereo Pair - Used
ART TPSII Mic Preamp Variable Valve Voicing PROAUDIOSTAR
Presonus D8 8 Channel Studio Microphone Preamp
Presonus MP20 High Headroom Dual Mic Microphone Preamp NICE!
ROLLS VP29 Phono Preamp with AC Adapter
Alctron MP100 Tone-Blending Tube Solid State Tone Blending Microphone Preamp
Symetrix 528 Voice Processor - Vocal Channel Strip tested and working
Presonus Studio Channel
Old School Audio (OSA) MP1-L "Mutant" 500-Series preamp, Lundahl 1538XL
Grace Design model 801 Mic Preamp - Great Condition and RARE!!
ART USB Dual Pre Project Series 2 channel Mic Preamp Amp Computer Interface
ART Pro VLA II Two ChannelOptical Based Compressor - OPEN BOX
Aphex 1788a - 8 chl mic preamp with digital card
New FLICKINGER TwinFlicks 535-7 Opamp, clone from 1972 Flickinger Console Preamp
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 Audiophile Vacuum Preamplifier with Limiter
Custom stereo Vintage Racked Mic preamp Auditronics EQ Recording Studio Console
Hotone Binary IR Cab Simulator Pedal
Warm Audio WA73-EQ 1 Channel British Mic Pre & EQ - Mint Condition 
Audient ASP800 8 Channel Mic Pre  - used once,  mint condition. 
IK Multimedia iRig PRE HD Microphone Preamp AUDIO INTERFACE
Presonus TubePre V2 Vacuum Tube Preamp + DI Direct Box, For Recording/Live Sound
A-Designs Audio EM-Blue 500 Series Preamp
Focusrite ISA One Analog Mic Preamp
RCA BA-71B Restored, Racked Pair of vintage RCA Mic-preamps. Beautiful
Aphex 1100 Stereo Tube Preamp
Universal Audio 8110 8-Channel Mic Preamp
Aphex Channel Master Preamp Input Processor RPA Tube Preamp Compressor Pristine!
Vintage APHEX Model 207 2 Channel Tube Microphone Preamp USA Made Used
API 500 HPR Audio Products Inc 2-Space 500 Series Rackmount Rack Unit
ART Tube MP Project Series PS Tube Microphone/Instrument Preamp NEW + FREE 2DAY!
Warm Audio WA273-EQ 2-Ch Neve 1073-Style Mic Preamp Pre/EQ PROAUDIOSTAR
Focusrite ISA 828 w/ optional 8-channel digital card
Joemeek VC3 Preamp Opto Compressor Enhancer Gold Letter (Mini VC1 Brick)
Avalon VT-737SP Vacuum Tube Mic Preamp EQ Compressor Channel Strip 737 SP Pre
ART Tube Pac Preamp and Compressor
Symetrix 302 Dual Microphone Preamplifier with Power Supply
Warm Audio WA-47 WA47 Vacuum Tube Condenser Mic Large Diaphragm Microphone
ART Voice Channel - Channel Strip B STOCK PROAUDIOSTAR
Avedis MA5 Mic Microphone Preamp 500 Series MA-5 Neve style used
Quad Eight LA-24 Mic preamp
Darkglass Tone Capsule Bass Preamp System
AMEK TAC SCORPION II - Channel input strip - Super Mic Pre - EQ - 8 buss LOOK  
BBE Phono Preamp FJB-200X
auditronics compressor module 201 VC
ART Tube MP preamp
Universal Audio DCS Remote Preamp Desktop Console System
Fishman Platinum Stage Analog Preamp
A-Designs Pacifica Microphone Preamplifier/DI
DW Fearn VT-1 Single-Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp - Excellent Cond.
DBX 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp Digital PreAmplifier Rack- Free Shipping!
(1) DBX 580 500-Series Mic Pre
PreSonus Acousti-Q Preamp/Blender
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 Audiophile Vacuum Tube Preamplifier & LImiter
FOCUSRITE LIQUID MIX 32 Channel Firewire Multi-Effect Processor- Mint Condition!
Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5 DI and Speaker Simulato --- *I22*
Sears Preamp 4-Input w/ Case And Power Supply
New Radial Engineering Thumbset 12 x 500 Series Rack Thumbscrews w/ 440 Thread
Old School Audio (OSA) MP1-L "Mutant" 500-Series preamp, Lundahl 1538XL #2
AEA RPQ500 Ribbon Mic Pre-Amp API 500 Series
'80s Valley 400 mono preamp voice processor compressor EQ gate channel strip
ART Pro MPA-II 2-Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier
M-Audio Audio Buddy Dual Mic Preamp Direct Box Great clean condition!
shure FP 11Microphone Pre-amplifier
PreSonus BlueTube DP V2 Mic / Instrument Tube Preamp
Solid State Logic SSL (4) SL596 Bus Modules Vintage C 1987
Ampex 601 Tube Microphone Preamp Serviced Sounds Beautiful!
Juicedlink RM202 Riggy-Micro with case
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Avalon Design – Preamplifier, Compressor and Direct Input Recording Equipment
tube channel strips, compressors and direct input channels. Their designs have won many awards, including the TEC award for best preamp, and Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice award for best preamp. Their high-end discrete Class A audio equipment is ...
Avid announces Pro Tools 11 with new Avid Audio Engine, 64-bit architecture, and more
Avid today announced Avid Pro ... Avid Audio Engine — Delivers multiple times the processing power of Pro Tools 10 on the same hardware configurations. • 64-bit architecture — Exponentially increases the number of simultaneous virtual instruments ...
Music More Important Than the Gear
It wasn't about the gear, it was about getting closer to Alvin Lee, The Beatles and Derek and the Dominos. I would come home and my Mom would be blasting her music through ... to our displays and audio systems, provides preamp processing, amplification ...