Musical Instruments & Gear Pro Audio Equipment Preamps & Channel Strips
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 Mic Pre with Silk
Warm Audio WA273 Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier
Racked, Restored Pair of Ward Beck 470 Mic-Preamps
BAE B15 500 Series EQ 3-bands with 5 selectable frequencies per band
Racked pair of Yamaha PM2000 modules
Alembic F-1X Tube Bass Preamp Mono Pre-Amplifier
Solid State Logic X Rack Mic Pre Module
Focusrite Scarlett Octopre Dynamic 8-Channel Microphone Preamplifier
API Audio 512v | 500 Series Mic Preamp | Pro Audio LA
PreSonus Studio Channel Vaccum Tube Channel Strip
New BAE Audio B15 EQ 500-Series Module 3-BAND Studio Hardware Recording Module
Focusrite Clarett OctoPre 8-Channel D/A with Mic Preamps
Joemeek VC1Q
Blue Robbie Tube Microphone Preamp Mic Pre
DBX 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp w/Digital Out
Focusrite ISA 828 Microphone Preamp
Summit Audio TD-100 Instrument Preamp and Tube Direct Box - USED
Presonus BlueTube DP V2 2 Channel Mic/Instrument Tube Preamp
Electric&Co 6072 Tube Mic Preamp DI vintage tone Ampex 351 warm retro 60's tone
PreSonus BlueTube DP V2 2-Channel Mic/Instrument Tube Preamp
ART Voice Channel (Tube Channel Strip w/Dig)
Heritage Audio 73JR
D.W. Fearn VT-1 | Single Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier
TK Audio SP501 Class A Preamp
Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp / EQ
Aphex J PRE 500 Microphone & Instrument Preamplifier
Antelope Audio Discrete 8 Console-grade discrete microphone preamp interface
AMS Neve 88RLB 500-Series Lunch Box Mic Pre
New! ART TubeOpto 8 Multi Channel Tube Preamp
DBX 386 Dual Vacuum Two Channel Tube Preamp w/ AES/SPDIF Digital Audio Outputs
New Burl Audio B2 Bomber ADC 2-Channel A-to-D Converter Dante Brooklyn II
API 512C Discrete Mic/Line Preamp
New! PreSonus TubePre V2 Single Channel Mic & Instrument Preamplifier / D.I. Box
SM Pro Audio PR-8 8-Channel Mic Preamp
RME OctaMic XTC 8 Channel Microphone Preamp
BAE 312A 500 Series Microphone Preamp
Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Mic Preamp
Presonus DigiMax DP88 8-channel A/D/A Converter with Remote Preamps
Warm Audio WA273-EQ 2-Channel British Mic Pre & EQ
Presonus BlueTube DP V2 2 Channel Mic/Instrument Tube Preamp
Warm Audio TB12 Tonebeast Microphone Preamp
Kahayan Solid 4000 Stereo Mix Bus Processor
Phoenix Audio DRS-8 MK2 8-channel Class A Microphone Preamp
Avalon 737 SM Tube Mic Pre EQ/Compressor /VT 737 SP/amp/MARCENARY //ARMENS//
Earthworks 1022 Dual Chanel Zero Distortion Preamp~Original Box! Free Shipping!
New Burl Audio B26 ORCA Control Room Monitor 6-Stereo Input Class-A Speaker Box
Electric & Co 6072 Tube Mic Preamp DI Ltd Ampex 351 PAIR Vintage American Tone
Avalon VT-737 SP VT737SP Tube Channel Strip Mic Preamp Serial No: 20348
API 3124V 4-Channel Mic Preamp
DBX 760x Microphone PREAMP - MIC Preamplifier w/ POWER SUPPLY!!!
Warm Audio WA273-EQ WA273EQ Microphone Preamp Mic Pre + Mogami XLR Cables
Eisen Neve-clone 500 series mic preamp, Carnhill transformer, Purple Opamp
D.W. Fearn VT-2 | Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier Pro Audio LA
Gold Digger 4-Channel Mic Selector
Radial Engineering J33- Turntable Preamp and Direct Box NEW
Phoenix Audio Ascent-1 | Mono Mic Preamp/DI | Pro Audio LA
PreSonus Studio Channel Vaccum Tube Channel Strip Preamp w/ Compressor & EQ
Warm Audio TB12-500 Tone Beast 500 Series Microphone Preamp
Heritage Audio 73EQ JR Microphone Preamp
BAE Audio 1028 Mic Pre / EQ | Stereo Pair with Power Supply | Pro Audio LA
ART Pro Audio - Pro MPA-II Dual Channel Microphone Preamp
Thermionic Culture Earlybird 2.2 Tube Mic Pre/EQ #016
Crimson Audio Mogaines Two Channel Ribbon Mic "Pre" Preamplifier
dbx 580 Microphone/Instrument Preamp
BAE Audio 1073MPL 500 Series Mic Pre | Pro Audio LA
ART TPSII Mic Preamp
PreSonus Digimax FS 8-Channel Mic Preamp
Warm Audio WA273 2-Ch British Mic Line Instrument Preamp w/ Mogami Cable Pack
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5024 Quad Mic Amp 4-Channel Microphone Preamp
Millennia Media HV-3D8 8 Channel Solid State Preamplifier 3-300KHZ with 48V ...
True Systems Precision 8 - 8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier
BAE 312A - 500 Series Mic Pre
Avedis Audio - MD7 Mic Preamp With DI
Whirlwind MultiSelector 4-Channel Bidirectional Instrument/Amplifier Switcher
Audient ASP800 ASP 800 8 Channel Mic Pre Preamp
ART SCL2 w/ 4 XLR Cables Bundle
BAE Audio 1084 Mic Pre / EQ | Microphone Preamp / Equalizer | Pro Audio LA
Mercenary Audio Dual Module Rack for NEVE 1066 1073 1089
Radial Engineering PowerPre 500-Series Mic Preamp - Power Pre Microphone
PreSonus Studio Channel 1-Channel Vacuum-Tube Channel Strip
IK Multimedia iRig PRE HD Microphone Preamp AUDIO INTERFACE
Universal Audio 6176 Mic Pre Compressor Single-Channel
API 512c Single-Channel Mic/Line/Instrument Pre 500 Series Module Preamp #32266
Chandler Limited TG-2 Dual Channel Mic Preamp with PSU - New! | Atlas Pro Audio
BAE Audio 1028 Mic Pre / EQ with Power Supply | Pro Audio LA
Presonus DIGIMAX D8 8-Channel Mic Preamplifier W/ 48 Khz Adat Output Preamp New
Avalon VT-737SP Class A Mic Preamplifier MICROPHONE PREAMP
Manley Labs MicMAID 4x4 Mic/Micpre Matrix-Switcher
BAE Audio 1073MPF Mic Pre w/ Filter & Power Supply | Pro Audio LA
ART Digital MPA-II Two Channel Mic Preamp, A/D Conversion
AVALON VT-737SP Channel Strip w/ Aston Origin Cardioid Microphone
Behringer ULTRAGAIN ADA8200 8in/8out ADAT Audio Interface MIDAS PreAmp 110-240V
Avalon Design U5 Single-Channel High-Voltage Instrument DI Preamp New
Joe Meek VC1 Classic preamp/opto compressor (Classic British Sound) England
Midas XL48 8-Channel XL4 1RU Digi-Log, 96khz mic preamplifier - NEW!
Warm Audio WA12 500 MKII w/ 2 XLR Cables
Focusrite Red 1 - 500 Series Mic Pre FULL WARRANTY! AUTHORIZED DEALER! Red-1
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