Musical Instruments & Gear Pro Audio Equipment Cables, Snakes & Interconnects
Audio XLR Pro Fantail Snake Cable - 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 Channel - 5' to 100'
Hosa XRM-110 Unbalanced RCA to XLR Male 10 feet Cable Adapter
Audio XLR Pro Fantail Snake Cable - 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 Channel - 5' to 100'
G&H BF2PS-BGG400 Gold - Mid sized 1/4" TS connector for speaker or instrument
NEW Edac Elco 516-90 (90 pin) Hood - Fits Cannon DL - All Hardware Included
8 channel 5' TRS to TRS cable snake
BASICS; Homemade Music With a Professional Sound
The market for home recording software has become important enough for Digidesign, distributor of Pro Tools ... end gear, you can make music that sounds as good as the stuff coming out of the fancy equipment. It easily has the potential to sound as ...
Five Best Audio Editing Applications
This week, we're going to look at five of the best audio editing applications ... works seamlessly with studio equipment, and has its own music composition tools and instruments built-in. You can read more of Pro Tools' features here.
Q&A: Jack Joseph Puig, Grammy-winning Music Engineer, Producer
Puig recently chatted with CE Pro about handling artists, recording their music and the collaborative effort between Waves Audio ... How much of their own gear (amps, guitars, drums) do artists bring into the studio and how much equipment do you have ...
GC Pro Works with Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada to Help Make Dreams Come True for Aspiring Young DJs
keyboards and pro-audio and recording equipment. Our retail store subsidiary operates 261 Guitar Center stores across the United States. In addition, our Music & Arts division operates 101 retail stores specializing in band and orchestra instruments for ...
Sweetwater Gears up for GearFest
Fort Wayne, IN, — Sweetwater, the third largest retailer of music instruments and pro-audio in the U.S. will ... music technology, and audio equipment will be on hand to give musicians a look at the latest gear. Other attractions will include hourly ...
Small Footprint XLR Stage Box Snake - 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 Channel - 25' to 100'
Monster Patch Cables
24 Channel XLR Patchbay...Neutrik
NEW Edac Elco 516-56 Cable End Male Audio Connector with Screw -  56 Pin
Audio XLR Pro Fantail Snake Cable - 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 Channel - 5' to 100'
2 Pack - 25Ft XLR 3Pin FEMALE to 1/4" MONO Plug Mic Microphone Audio Cable 25'Ft
10x Lot Male 4 Pole Conductor Cable Connector for SPEAKON Audio Loudspeaker US
Hosa CMP-159 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Stereo Breakout Cable, 10 feet
NEW Edac Elco 516-120 Cable End Male Audio Connector with Screw -  120 Pin
SLZ- 25 Horizon Music Incorporated 25 Ft Black Lo-Z Microphone Cables
2 Pig Hog 25' Foot Ft Microphone Cable XLR Lifetime 8mm Tour Grade PHM25 PigHog
Live Wire 16/4 stage cable snake 50 ft / 20 channel band audio
2 - Whirlwind W1 10’ Extension Cable
XSPRO 16 X 4 Channel 50' Pro Audio Low Profile Stage Box Snake Cable 16x4x50
Musician's Gear 12-Gauge 1/4" - 1/4" Speaker Cable 12 Gauge 25 ft.
Monster StudioLink Studio Patch/Interconnect Cable - 1/4" to 1/4" - 4M (13 Ft)
6ft XLR 3-Pin Male to 1/4" Stereo Plug Shielded Microphone Mic Cable Cord
Whirlwind W3CRP OUTPUT 40 Channel 4 Space Panel
ProCo 200 ft Duracat cat6 UTP Digital Snake Cable ON JACKREEL Ships FREE to USA
NEW Hosa - ACD-477 - Universal Power Adapter 12VDC@1.2A
5 lot pack 3'ft xlr male to female 3pin MIC Shielded Cable microphone audio TRS
2x3ft 1/4 to 1/4 right angle pro audio sound speaker wire cable cord 15 ga gauge
Elite Core Snake RJ45 Cat5, 6 or 7 to (4) Female 3 Pin Neutrik XLR Connectors
Audioquest CV-4 Hyperlitz Speaker Cable Solid Copper 21ft 34ft 15ft 9ft
500 ft Reel Bulk Shielded Balanced XLR TRS wire mic cord microphone audio cable
Monster StudioLink Studio Patch/Interconnect Cable - 1/4" to 1/4" - 4M (13 Ft)
LRU-R1 Cable UPGRADE Shure GLX-D14 GLXD16 GLX-D1 ULXD Bodypack Guitar Wireless
24 New Gold TT Bantam 24" Quad Core Patch Cables Cords 2 Foot Leads 4 Conductor
24 New Gold TT Bantam 18" Quad Core Patch Cables Cords 1.5 Ft Leads 4 Conductor
Mogami Instrument Pedal Patch Cable 10.5" long with Right Angle 1/4" TS Gold
Genuine Switchcraft XLR Connectors, Mix/Match, Six for $19.95, 4,5,6,7 pin AorD
4x 1/4" 6.3mm Female/Female F/F Stereo Audio Adapter Connector Coupler
Hosa GPM-179 Adaptor 3.5 mm TRS Mini Stereo Phone to 1/4 in TS Mono Plug
6Ft 1/4" 6.3mm TS Mono Straight to Right Angle Dj Guitar to Speaker Cable Cord
Shure 95B8373 UA844US DC Power Cable
NEW Edac Elco 516-56 Panel-Mount Female Audio Connector - 56 Pin
Switchcraft Patch Bay MT48NNX48 pt 1/4" Jack Panel, Non-Normal
V-Drum Y Splitter For Roland Yamaha 1/4 Inch Stereo TRS Female to 2 X 1/4 Mono
Livewire Essential Microphone Cable 15 ft. Black
CBI Cables 3-Pin XLR Male to Female Microphone Cable - 20 Feet - MLC-20 Mic Cord
Strukture Pig Hog 6ft Mic XLR Cable PHM6
Line 6 G50, G55, G90 Relay Shure AKG Wireless Guitar Bass Cable Angle, 2 Ft.
Hosa Technology PWD-401 Power Cord Piggy Back Cable PWD401
Dual 3' TRS 1/4" 6.35mm Cable for Stereo Balanced line Audio 3 FT
High performance 12 GA GAUGE 1/4 to 1/4 mono PA DJ speaker cable wire 50 ft foot
1ft Dual Banana Black Plug to Speakon Female Type Speaker/Amplifier Jumper Cable
Monster Cable I100-1M 3' Dual RCA to Dual RCA Audio Cable
15Ft 1/4" (6.35mm) Stereo Male Plug to Dual 2 RCA Male Audio Cable 15'Ft
Redco R196-D25PG | 96 Point TT to DB25 Patchbay | Pro Audio LA
4 Pack Lot - 3-Pin XLR Female to Dual 2 Male Y Splitter Mic Cable Adaptor 16 AWG
10-PACK REAN NEUTRIK NYS231L 3.5mm Stereo TRS Plug 10-PCS
3P XLR Plug to 6.35mm Stereo Plug Adapter
3Pin XLR Jack to 6.35mm Mono Female Adapter
4pcs 1-Channel Rubber Cable Protector Ramp Safety Electrical Vehicle Wire Cover
10FT XLR 3Pin Female Jack to 1/4" Stereo Plug Mic Microphone Balanced TRS Cable
USB 2.0 To Midi Cable Music Keyboard Interface Adapter Computer Connection Used
Hosa Speaker Cable 12AWG 2 Conductor 20' Foot SKT-220 Speakon to Neutrik NL4FX
5' ProCo 4 Channel TRS to TS Insert Cable
New Mogami Platinum-Guitar-01RR (11inch) Pedal/Effects Cable - Lifetime Warranty
Hosa YMP-137 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TSF Stereo Breakout Cable
5 Lot - 25Ft XLR 3Pin MALE to 1/4" MONO Plug MIC Microphone Audio Cable 25 Foot
25Ft XLR 3Pin FEMALE to 1/4" MONO Plug Mic Microphone Audio Cable 25 Ft Foot
50' XLR Switchcraft Mic Cable Made in USA Microphone Audio cord 50 ft
3 Channel Heavy Duty Wire Cover Cable Cord Road Ramp Protector PVC And Rubber
Hosa PRG-370AU 1-Inch Speaker Cable
Professional Replacement UPGRADE Line6 Relay G50 G55 G90 Shure Wireless Straight
3ft. Kirlin XLR 3-Pin Female / 1/4" Mono Male Shielded OFC Microphone Cable
6 XLR Patch Mic Cables 5' ft Soft Felxable Gold Contacts by SuperFlex Gold
NEW ITT Cannon DL2-96P (96 Pin) Male DL Audio Connector - w/ Handle
Monster Cable Neutrik Speak-On to Banana ProLink 100 Speaker Cable 25 FT
Hosa HXS-005 Pro Balanced interconnect Audio Cable REAN XLR3F - 1/4inch TRS 5ft
SuperFlex GOLD SFC-BAND-GREEN-10PK Colored ID Rings
(2 Pack) Neutrik NE8FF Cat 5e Feed Through Coupler, RJ45/Ethercon Plug
Cable Up CU/MD125/RED 25' MIDI Male to MIDI Male Cable (Red)
5 x 10FT XLR 3Pin Female to 1/4" Stereo Plug Mic Microphone Cord Cable 10' Foot
Mogami Gold 10 Foot TRS To TRS Cable
AJA Breakout Cable for HD10AM and HD10AMA #10162201
Livewire XLR Female - 1/4" Adapter
Pyle PPJJ15
5 x 15FT XLR 3Pin Female to 1/4" Stereo Plug Mic Microphone Cord Cable 15' Foot
Rubber 3-Channel Cable Protector Floor Cord Cover Hotels Visible hose lines
Switchcraft Patch Bay MT48NNX 48 pt 1/4" Jack Panel, Non-Normal
cable reel
NEW 65ft Eight Ch Cable Snake.PA System Gear.Installation.Audio Concert Cords.
3 Channel Heavy Duty Wire Cover Cable Cord Road Ramp Protector PVC And Rubber
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Teenage Engineering OpLab
The OpLab is designed to let you interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments and to do it easily. MIDI, CV & USB are all available and designed to be plug and play. Just connect your cables, ‘set the appropriate scenario’ and go.
How to: Building a Whole-House Guitar Distribution System
Paul Wood from the Guitar Center recommended AmpliTube recording-studio software ... throughout the house. Whitaker explains that a number of professional synthesizers, preamps and simulators would fit the bill, “but I wanted to do this with minimal ...
AudioQuest Defends HDMI Marketing
Such claims are defensible, Low says: “Our experience at AQ is that past a point, past not much more than HDMI's High-Speed requirement, higher bandwidth has no effect on audio or ... the right equipment, in this case the right cable," he says.
Is it worth paying for premium cables?
If you regularly move your equipment ... audio cable with low attenuation and good shielding to produce a better sound than a cheap one. Indeed, hi-fi enthusiasts often praise expensive connectors for maintaining the tonal balance and expressiveness of ...
CAT5 tracks: Audio goes the distance, reliably and on time
The next time you're at a music concert, take a look at the cabling that connects on-stage gear to the mixing board in the middle of the audience. Odds are good that you'll see one or several thick "snakes ... of digital-audio cables taped together.
Outrageous Audio Equipment: A Call for Examples
Cases in point: those $7250 speaker wires from Pear Cable, or that $6,820 wooden volume control in the pic above. We're wondering how far this audiophile affinity goes, and would like for you to help us. What's the most outrageous audio product you've seen?